How To Be A DJ

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How To Be A DJ

5 Insider Secrets To Mixing Better Beats

& Getting Booked More

It’s a big claim, but it’s true: the most protected, and forbidden Pro DJ Secrets are right around the corner. In fact, they can begin just 3 minutes from now. And if you read on I will show you how.

May I make a bold assertion?

Free DJ TrainingIf you’ve ever struggled with Beat matching …

Free DJ TrainingIf you’ve ever felt like you should be getting the gigs, and not the other DJs …

Free DJ TrainingIf you’ve ever wished you could wow your friends and girls with your DJ skills …

Then this is the most important page you will read this year!

How To Be A DJ

Improve Your Beat Mixing Overnight!

Improve Your Beat Mixing Overnight because in a moment I’m going to reveal a proven and practically painless way you can DJ like a pro, beat match flawlessly in seconds, and start getting as many gigs as you want.

Just a few minutes from now, you will feel more powerful. You will feel in control, and unstoppable, and you will know that you will become an amazing DJ, who can beat match with the best of them, hang with the coolest crowds, and about to embark on the best years of your life.

But before I reveal the secret to becoming an amazing Pro DJ, in little to no time, I have to debunk a myth about learning how to DJ. It’s a myth that’s so often repeated that many people still cling to it-even though it’s rarely if ever effective.

When I was 17 years old, I had a best friend named Richard who was a great DJ, and he owned his own Technics 1200 turntables, the really expensive ones. He also had a brown 2 channel Pioneer mixer, an old amp, and 2 large dusty old speakers. I remember asking him how he managed to get his hands on such expensive gear at such a young age. He Told Me His Dad (his parents were separated) sent him some money to go out and buy all of his Pro DJ equipment. Wow Nice Guy!

I was so jealous, I could not afford such luxuries because I was still in school, and my parents were not doing so well financially.

Since Richard and I were best friends, he offered to teach me how to DJ, which was awesome. So every day I would go to his house and practice and practice and practice. and quite honestly I was not getting anywhere. Not because he was a bad DJ, or that I was a bad student, in fact he was a pretty good DJ, but he did not know the first thing about teaching how to DJ.

Learning How To DJ On Your Own Will Take Too Long …

Even after practicing every day for nine months straight, he would get frustrated, confused, even lose his temper. Some times he would make me feel like I was an idiot…

Fact Is, Richard had good intentions, but he did not know how difficult it is to teach somebody how to do something that requires a lot of patience.

It was not before long that Richard started avoiding me all together.

Old DJ Equipment

I Learned How To DJ On Old Turntables Just Like These

We soon parted ways…

I eventually got some used turntables that weren’t as good as Richards, an old mixer, an amp and some small speakers, but I could just not learn on my own. After a few months I soon gave up on the dream of learning how to DJ because I just could not get my head around everything, it was so complicated and without a teacher it was just a blur.

A year later I got the itch to DJ again … So I started to go out to nightclubs regularly and meet people in the local scene. I asked a lot of questions about throwing parties, and DJing, etc, etc. A lot of people did not know too much because it seemed it was this Big Secret to learn how to DJ.

Then through a friend of a friend, I met a guy named Charles. Charles was a club promoter and booking agent of many of the popular clubs and knew everyone, and pretty much everything about the night life. We sat down one night and I told him my story of how I tried to learn to DJ in the past, and I found it so difficult learning from someone who did not know how to teach, and how learning on your own is even harder.

Charles knew I was eager to learn, he said he could see it in my eyes. So after some more discussion about DJing he decided he would teach me how to DJ, and he became my new teacher, and mentor. He was a really good teacher because he rubbed shoulders with the big boys. By the big boys i mean Roger Sanchez, Derrick Carter, Louie Vega, you name it, he has met and worked with them. Actually that’s how he picked up on all the Pro DJ secrets because he was the biggest club promoter and worked with those DJs every weekend.

And boy was he good. I mean he knew everything from flawless beat matching, how to cue up the records perfectly, to DJ effects, perfect levels, phrasing, I could go on and on. AND … He knew how to teach, and boy did he ever teach!

In just a few short months, I picked up all his amazing Pro DJ Secrets

It was almost like I was learning from the Pro DJ’s that taught him.

And Now You Can Learn The Same Pro DJ Secrets Learned From Roger Sanchez, Derrick Carter, and DJ Tiesto.

Wow did I learn a lot.

I documented all of the lessons that I learned from him and practiced every day. From all of that practicing, I came up with shortcuts that can teach any one how to DJ like a Pro 10 times faster than the traditional way of teaching. This course will fast track any ones learning curve by 10 times. These are secrets that CHARLES did not even know!

I have taken all of my super secret Pro DJ techniques and put together an eBook that is so great, full of the best DJ techniques and step by step examples, anyone can learn them. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a veteran DJ. There is something in this eBook for you to learn and increase your DJ skills, and your DJ career. almost overnight!

It’s Like Having a Private DJ Lesson With DJ Ronstar Himself

You are probably asking yourself, “well, what’s included”?…

Let me tell you;

How To Be A DJ

Learn To Beat Match in 8 Seconds Guaranteed So You Don’t Have To Waste Money On Laptops And Controllers. Instantly Beat match Like A Real Pro DJ!

How To Be A DJ

Finally Learn How To Apply Harmonious Mixes Like The Pros So You Can Sell Out Night Clubs All Over Town

How To Be A DJ

Mix Easily & Flawlessly With Perfect Levels, Every Time So Your Mixes Sound Professional Whether Your Are Recording Your Monthly PodCast Or Playing In Front Of Thousands of Screaming Fans

How To Be A DJ

Learn How To Get The Best DJ Gigs Before Other DJs So You Don’t become Part Of The 90 percent of beginner DJs Who Never Get Gigs

How To Be A DJ

Learn Secret DJ Lingo Such As Phrasing & Stage Matching (& How To Use Them) So When You Talk To other Pro DJs, They Know You Know Your SH#*

How To Be A DJ

Gain Confidence And Approach Any Party Promoter To get Gigs So When It’s Time To Move To A Bigger Venue, You Don’t Have To Feel Nervous As Hell

How To Be A DJ

Play In The Best Clubs Every Weekend To Prove To All Your Doubtful Friends That You Actually Made It As A Pro DJ

How To Be A DJ

Meet TONS Of Hot Girls Every Weekend So That Night Club Owners Beg You To Come To Their Club And Party For Free

How To Be A DJ

Have FUN And Get Paid Every Weekend So That You Get Paid To Do What You Love

The lessons you will be learning are so packed with information and exercises-and the instruction is so easy to follow and so clear…

After a Few Months of Passionate Work …

The Power Of 8 Was Born!

The Power Of 8 is a beat matching lesson so perfect, so precise, that you will become the best beat matcher from all your DJ friends and literally wow anyone who watches you mix.

The feedback of the program has been astounding. To encourage you a bit, listen to what people like you are saying about my Learn How To DJ eBook.

Look Who’s Using The Skills Learned From My eBook

Learn How To DJ

Learn How To DJ

Learn How To Dj

This is just a small taste of the kind of feedback I am getting. I have got many more personal stories and testimonials on file here at my Canadian Office.

Are these folks any different than you?

No, they are not. They simply put aside their doubts and gave my How To DJ eBook a try. As a result, they are now living their DREAMS as DJs, playing gigs in their cities that they never had before. They are more accomplished, more fulfilled, and more satisfied with with their DJ skills.

I’m confident the same thing can happen for you.

How can I say that?

First, the feedback. It’s resoundingly positive.

Second, I have extremely low return rates. In fact, if I see more than 4% of my eBook returned for a refund, I will stop carrying it. PERIOD!

Be Like Einstein, And Learn From The Mistakes Of Others …

There are many options out there from hiring a PRO DJ to give you private lessons, or taking expensive weekly DJ lessons at a school.

Each lesson is very expensive. In fact, it could cost you anywhere from $50 – $200 dollars a lesson. Imagine that…

And you need at least 30 lessons before you get the basics and can mix properly on your own.

So what are we talking about in regards to price so far??

30 lessons times (let’s low ball it) $50 bucks a lesson … that’s $1500.

Who in their right mind would pay someone $1500 to learn how to DJ.

Or how about going to a DJ school that costs almost the same (around $1000 dollars). You will be sitting in a room full of other students and you don’t get the attention you deserve, and you will need way more than 30 lessons because they will teach you slowly to milk even more money out of you.

I mean all you want is to learn how to DJ, not make another DJ richer.

You will be a better DJ from taking this course because I learned from the best DJs on the planet, and it’s only a fraction of the cost.

But the only way you are going to learn how is to get the eBook.

That means if you buy today…tonight you’ll have the secrets that the Pro DJs don’t want you to know.

If you don’t buy…That means tonight you will still have the same problem, and you will NOT be that much closer to

living the DJ dream life you know that you want.

These are the type of skills that will get you gigs!

I am living my dream, and I want you to live yours too.

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

A Complimentary Copy of MY Personal Harmonic Mixing Printout

a $9.99 Value — Absolutely FREE!

Harmonious Mixing

1 Harmonious Printout $9.99 FREE Limited Time Offer

The Harmonic Mixing Printout was designed to create ultra smooth Demos. A while back when I was first starting my DJ training, my mixes would sound so off key and not blend together. It was not until I studied music production that I understood how chords work together. Understanding Chord structures will teach you how to make the best DJ demos sounding as if they were created in a professional recording studio

Plus, Harmonic mixing is the perfect companion to a perfect set whether recorded at home, or in front of thousands of screaming fans, and it’s yours free simply for taking action today.

Plus a Complimentary Copy of MY Personal Top Secret BPM Printout

a $9.99 Value — Absolutely FREE!

BPM Printout

1 PRO DJ BPM Printout $9.99 FREE Limited Time Offer

The PRO DJ BPM Printout was designed to scientifically pick apart any BPM, and understand what BPM to use when mixing. It used to take me 5 – 6 minutes to mix each track. My whole time on the decks was devoted to mixing, and I would never look at or be engaged with the crowd (HUGE MISTAKE). Now I mix literally in seconds, and I observe the crowd, taking them on a musical journey every time I mix, because I understand what is going on with the crowd, and how to keep every aspect of the music Under Control

WARNING: Because the number of bonus programs available is limited, this special incentive is only guaranteed until they run out. I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

If you have any interest in improving your DJ skills and getting the best DJ gigs, what are you waiting for?

DJ Training Guarantee

Order Now & Get


How To DJ Tutorials

Not Found Anywhere On The Net


The Harmonious

Mixing Printout

This Pro DJ Secret

Will Instantly Eliminate

Months Of Guess Work Guaranteed!Be A DJ


The DJ B.P.M.


Literally Takes Months Off

The Learning Curve

Essential For All DJs

Who Want Flawless Beatmatching


Start Learning 5 Minutes From Now

For your peace of mind all orders are processed on a secure server.

How To Be A DJ Today Only ($19.99) Includes everything listed.

This is the complete package that will dramatically
shorten your learning curve!

Regular Price ($24.99) Today $19.99
Don’t Forget my 60-Day Guarantee!

How To Be A DJ Yes Ron, I Just Have To Have This
Incredible Package!

Count Me In Right Now!
Click The Add To Cart Button To Order!

Learn How To DJ

Learn How To DJ Right Now

Customer Reviews

 Good Book, well worth reading!,
By: Nick Joseph, Toronto, Canada, on December 16, 2011

I learned more from this book in the month that I’ve had it than in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been mixing. It covers every aspect of deejaying, and does so in an easy-to-read writing style which makes it much simpler to absorb the info. Good Book, well worth reading!

I learned a lot. Worth every penny!,
By: Jeff Michaels, Dallas, Texas on December 16, 2011

I’ve been mixing beats for a decent amount of time, but I never really had any formal training other than more experienced friends sharing with me what they’ve learned over they years. This book is the next best thing to a formal education, very thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Purchasing DJ Ronstars’ “Pro DJ Skills” was the best buy ever,
By: Mike Sullivan, Los Angeles, California on December 13, 2011

If you want to fast track your beat matching skills and learn other pro DJ skills FAST then this is the way to go. I have watched 100s of videos on beatmatching… what a waste of time! This guide will save you months if not years of trial and error confusion.

He shares what he has learnt with you over his DJ career and the tips are priceless. Not many DJs would share their secrets with you. I highly recommend this easy to read, practical guide.

I loved how easy it was to read and follow this book!,
By: Chicklettes, Rio, Brazil,on November 8, 2011

I highly recommend this book for both amateur and intermediate DJs. I’ve read many books to learn and improve my djing skills, but never has any other book explained how to DJ and beat match so easily. Literally I am beat matching after day 2, and mixing harmonically, and that is really cool. I learned how to set up my gear, mix almost perfectly, and throw it in on time. Just what I needed.
Couldn’t have asked for more.
Thanks DJ Ronstar.

Enough with the struggling and the pain of insecurity in your mixes!

Enough of hiding your mixes through clever EQ work!

Now you will be able to mix live in front of hundreds of friends and screaming fans without the embarrassing train wreck or sloppy beat matching and DJ skills.

Now you can take command and becomne the Pro DJ you always wanted to be.

Finally your new skills will open doors for you to make the best DJ demos, meet the promoters of the hottest night clubs, and get gigs. Act now!

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try Pro DJ Skills today?

P.S. This eBook is the ultimate resource for all of the PRO DJ Secrets. This e-book contains the Complete edition, plus 3 extra chapters on DJ skills such as Levels and Red Line Mastery, Harmonious Mixing, and a Step by step mix taught by none other than DJ Ronstar himself.

P.P.S and remember! The Bonus BPM and Harmonious DJ Printout are yours for free!

Order Now

Learn How To DJStop Procrastinating, Start The Life Of Your Dreams Right Now!

How To Be A DJ


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